Support Policy 2021

1. Technical Support and Maintenance. VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS Technical Support includes access to the trouble ticketing system, telephone and email correspondence and interaction with the VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS technical support team during Standard Support Hours for Support Events of any Priority.

Subject to availability of resources, VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS may, in its discretion, direct Customers to use the trouble ticketing system and/or email in place of Telephone Support.

2. Standard Support Hours. Virtuosity Solutions Control Tower support is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) for all issues. See Getting Support for more details.

After hours and emergency, support is available by calling 1 (888) 842-5998 and pressing Option ‘1′

Please open a ticket with details, screen shots and call traces immediately thereafter to assist our engineers in troubleshooting the problem.

Emergency support fees may apply depending on the nature of the problem, see 2.1 and 4. below for details.

2.1 New Install Support – Customers are required to schedule Virtuosity Solutions Support three business days in advance for new installs. Virtuosity Solutions will make its best effort to provide any remote assistance possible to the Customers. Customers removing or disconnecting services of customers from a third-party services provider are not considered to be a ‘Virtuosity Solutions – Out of Service’ customer entitled to escalation or after-hours support. All new Installs should be planned, and bench tested by the Customers if the equipment or environment is unfamiliar to the Customers for activation of any new Virtuosity Solutions Services. For new install support tickets requiring after-hours support or priority handling requested by the Customers, a billable support rate of $125.00 per hour will be charged, with a one-hour minimum.

3. Off-Hour Support. Standard Support is available during Off Hours as needed for Priority 1 events. Access to Support during Off Hours for non-Priority 1 events is subject to availability and MUST be scheduled in advance.

4. Uncovered Priority 1 Events. If CUSTOMERS contacts VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS outside of standard support hours to help remedy a Priority 1 outage, the event will be reviewed by VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS and CUSTOMER to determine the cause of the outage. If VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS is determined to not be at fault for the cause of the event, the CUSTOMERS will pay for VIRTUOSITY SOLUTION’S time spent for the after-hours non-planned emergency support at the rate of $125.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum. CUSTOMERS will not be responsible for any incident fee or hourly fees if an outage is determined to be the fault of VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS.

Priority Definitions & Response Times (All Tickets):

  • Priority Level
  • Response Time
  • Best Effort Resolution Time

Priority 1:

This priority is reserved for system-wide outages that affect all CUSTOMERS’s Subscribers. Examples include no dial tone, inability to Register, or unable to complete any calls.

One (1) hour to respond and begin working with CUSTOMERS to restore service.

Priority 2:

This is the priority when problems experienced result in a partial service outage, intermittent or end to end call processing failures. Examples include Inbound/Outbound calls to specific areas not completing or dropping, one-way audio, web interface not available or not functioning properly, therefore, hindering call processing routing, etc.

Two (2) hours to respond and begin working with CUSTOMERS to restore service.

Priority 3:

This is the default priority for trouble issues related to call processing, routing, voicemail, call transfers within a previously operational PBX/Domain environment. Additionally, this includes day-to-day account-centric problems such as access to the account, password renewal, etc., and de-escalation of Priority 1 & 2 ticket issues resolved and left open for monitoring.

Four (4) hours to respond and begin working with CUSTOMERS to address the problem.

Priority 4:

This is the default priority for all other trouble tickets including setup and configuration issues. Examples included AA setup, custom dial plans, simultaneous ring groups, custom programming request, device configuration, etc. Final priority of all 1,2 & 3 priority tickets before being set to Auto Close or Resolved.

Eight (8) hours to respond and begin working with CUSTOMERS to address the problem.

Within forty-eight (48) business hours

Reason for Outage:

VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS shall provide a Reason for Outage (RFO) to CUSTOMERS within 48 hours for any Priority 1 event.

VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS shall provide a Reason for Outage to CUSTOMERS within 96 hours for any Priority 2 event.


In the event that your issue is not resolved through the standard support channels, the escalation path is as follows:

Contact Name Contact Email Telephone

1. Support 1 (888) 842-5998 Option’1’

3. Steven Benham 1 (888) 842-5998 Extension ‘635’

5. Response Time. Response time is calculated from the time CUSTOMERS dispatches the ticket to VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS until the time when VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS provides a response to the ticket (Note: a response does not constitute a Work-Around or a Permanent Solution).

6. Resolution Requiring Code Changes. In cases where problems require changes to software code (e.g., Issues escalated to platform vendors), VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS shall use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a resolution, or in case an immediate resolution is not possible, then a Work-Around, to all non-service affecting issues as soon as possible.

7. Standard Product Improvements and Software Version Upgrades. CUSTOMERS will receive at no charge all new versions of any VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS software module, and any new features and standard product improvements that are made generally available to other VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS Customers.

8. Notification of Potential Maintenance or Changes. VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS will notify the CUSTOMERS about any planned maintenance or relevant changes made to Platform, which have any potential to impact the CUSTOMERS’s service.

9. Delinquent Payment Status (except with respect to amounts subject to a bona fide dispute). CUSTOMERS’S are always required to maintain their account balance in good standing with Virtuosity Solutions. For CUSTOMERS accounts delinquent more than 21 days, Virtuosity Solutions reserves the right to suspend the handling of non-service-related support tickets until the CUSTOMERS’S account is returned to good standing. If CUSTOMERS’S account is thirty (30) days or more overdue, VIRTUOSITY SOLUTIONS reserves the right to suspend CUSTOMERS’s Dashboard access (Systems Management Portals) for adds, deletions or changes in services, without liability, until such amounts are paid in full.

10. Professional Services Fees or Custom programming is billed at $125 per hour in half-hour increments.

10.1 Domain Customization and Custom Dial Translations: Special custom dial translations per event are billed based on the allotted engineering minutes required for successful Setup, Insertion & Testing: 0-4 = $0.00, 5-15mins= $25.00, 16-40mins, $50.00 41-60, mins $75.00